The actual infection rate is more than 10x reported infection rate.



Reports from the ground, Chinese nurses are reporting to Japanese news outlets the actual number infected is 90,000+Hospital staff are collapsing on the job from the exhaustion of back to back 24-hour shifts.

The mortality rate is less than 10% of the standard flu. Its a 1%-35 max mortality rate disease. The old and weak are most susceptible.

Conversely its HIGHLY transferable, more than 10x the rate of spread from human to human than the flu and because it’s mutating you can get it multiple times.

10 research article has been published already (suspicious)Protein analysis already86% similar to SARS. They already have the RNA sequence and they have identified 12 medications. Viruses require a carrier, something for to stick to, moisture, cells, etc. to bio transfer to occur

Also similar to HIV, so HIV medicine works to prevent the Coronavirus. (time to exploit the “online India Pharmacy ” websites.

The US and Chinese already have patients who have recovered. They can make a serum from the recovered patient’s antibodies in just a few weeks similar to when the Bird Flu epidemic occurred. 

To have this already indicates pre-knowledge, pre-testing-on humans. And that makes it more suspicious about how this started. Such as reports that a biosafety lab has leaked/escaped the virus

China has a disposal vendor for the animals killed in research testing.
The fee to cremation fee is very high for these animals because of its like autoclave cremation with captured ventilation

So instead. It’s more profitable to SELL dead research animals on the meat market. Literally, diseased research animals were cooked and eaten by the unsuspecting population.

Because of the mask shortage in China, Shady business people are re-selling used masks picked out the trash or off the street, and some people will buy and use them. 

Also, some Chinese medication seems to be effective.This is similar genetically to the  common cold strain of virus. Hand washing is highly effective, and not touching your own face, recommended wearing gloves, because we can easily remember not to touch our own face when wearing gloves.